Growing your practice presence online

As an ambitious medical professional with a private practice, it is highly likely that you are busy, but would you like to be busier?

Growing your patient numbers in an ethical way is typically a key priority for doctors in private practice.

Communicating how you can help people to improve their health, prevent disease, diagnose symptoms early and discuss treatment options is essential to creating a trusted name for your practice.

Specialists in medical website design

In the same way that you may be a specialist in a particular area of medicine or healthcare, we are specialists in digital marketing.

Our services are also designed solely for medical professionals like yourself, so our knowledge is also specialist to your industry.

Digital marketing includes anything that is accessed digitally, from websites to email newsletters to online content.

Being specialists in your sector:

We have a solid understanding of the medical world and how it works.

We understand that your time is precious and often limited, so we get things done for you.

We use your language when communicating with you and your target audience.

We know how to attract new patients through effective and regular communications

We always focus on your patients by demonstrating how you can help them.

How it works:

  • An initial meeting will outline the business objectives and goals of your practice
  • A research day is scheduled to start the process:
    • Creation of full Website Brief
    • Development of a Site Map (navigation), creating a logical patient journey
    • SEO keyword research is carried out to accompany the Brief, so as to make the site as effective as possible to be found in search engines
    • Competitor research shows the competition online
    • Creation of page-by-page Content Strategy
  • Professional content to be written for each page of the website
  • The website goes into development, with interim reviews along the way
  • Your Marketing Executive will be your point of contact throughout the process
  • Add-on services can be discussed and selected that will help you promote and grow your practice once the website is complete
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