Brand creation for your medical practice

A brand is more than just your practice logo. A brand is the language you use to communicate with your target audience and a representation of your business ethics and values.

Your brand is the complete identity of your business as you project it to the outside world.

Creating a solid brand is essential for instilling consistency in everything you do, and in turn this consistency creates reassurance for your patients, and future patients or whoever comes into contact with your business.

Branding & Design

Logo creation

Creating a logo is an integral part of your practice branding, and often the part that you can relate to the most.

The logo needs to be designed for online use, for print and potentially even made larger to include on signage. Many factors come into account during the logo design process.

Creating a memorable logo that your target audience can relate to is essential for your practice promotion and requires a professional graphic designer to get the best results.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are a set of rules for how your brand should be used. It includes fonts, colour palette, use of logo, use of imagery and much more.

It serves as a handbook for you to use in all areas of your business, when dealing with external companies, such as printers and internally.

Online brand requirements

Following the launch of your website, you may have other requirements for branded online items, such as banners, digital leaflets, download documents, or promotional flyers. These can all be created in conjunction with your Brand Guidelines, ensuring consistent messaging at all times.

Offline brand requirements

In a similar way, these documents can be created for print purposes if you would like to have tangible items to have in your practice.

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