Online promotion for your private practice

As a medical professional you will have a high focus on ethical practice, so the idea of actually promoting your services may seem unusual.

However, most private practice owners are entrepreneurial as well as medical minded and want their private practice to be successful.

With the right type of healthcare marketing you can ensure that your promotion is wholly useful to the patient whilst giving your practice to added exposure it needs.

Healthcare marketing

These days regular communication of useful information is essential to continually spread news of what your practice offers, acting as a continual reminder of your brand.

There are several ways to do this, that are non-intrusive and of high value to the patient:

Regular blog articles

Maintaining a regular blog is a way to show your expertise to patients, and potential patients. It shows that you are willing to share useful information with them up-front, at no cost.

Blogs, when written using a patient-focused format, are a way that readers can understand more detail about a particular symptom or condition they may be suffering, as part of their wider research.

It is also common knowledge that Google favours websites that produce useful, engaging and fresh content on a regular basis.

Blog topics may include:

  • Topical news about medical symptoms, conditions and treatment
  • Updates on medical research
  • Statistics about common medical conditions
  • Promotion to tie-in with various health awareness events through the year
  • Seasonal health concerns
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Prevention methods
  • General healthcare

Email communications

If you have a patient database, sending a regular newsletter is a positive way to share content and topical news with all your patients at once.

Not only does it help to raise your brand awareness, it can help with patient retention too, when conducted in a professional way.

Digital downloads & FAQ sheets

Alongside regular blogs, digital downloads are another way to provide people with useful information about medical conditions or general healthcare, but in a downloadable format.

The same applies for FAQ sheets that can help streamline your private practice by having a central reference point to direct patients to.

Social media

Most consumers have some form of social media activity.

Even older generations that were more traditional in the way they researched goods and services, are turning to the Internet and social channels to see reviews and ratings, as well as assess the success of a business by the amount of information they can find online.

Social media is therefore becoming a necessity for medical practice owners, particularly as a means to share useful news, articles and to connect with other professionals.

Tracking your performance

One of the key advantages with digital marketing is that results can be tracked to see how engaged your audience is with your website and your social media channels.

This helps your marketing to continue moving from strength to strength by careful analysis and adjusting the overall marketing strategy.

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