A professional practice needs a professional website

These days it virtually impossible to contemplate running any business without an online presence.

We all use the Internet extensively to research, read reviews and source contact details, more often than not before we make any major decisions. Therefore, your potential patients are highly likely to do the same.

To this extent, any professional medical practice really needs to have a professional website.

Brochure websites

A website will, on the most basic level, act as a platform for communicating everything about you, your expertise and your practice, an electronic brochure if you like.

Patient focused website

Taken to the next level your website can provide patients, and potential patients, with useful information, articles, research, data and statistics, therefore offering a highly useful resource and a reason for people to return.

An informative, patient-focused website can also provide answers to FAQs through branded, downloadable factsheets about healthcare and treatment.

Also, details about how patients can book appointments and what to expect, as well as useful links to other resources.

Professional web content

Whilst you have extensive knowledge of your particular area of medicine, communicating this in words for online purposes isn’t always straightforward, and generally requires experience.

Using our professional content writing service for your website ensures you are communicating with your target audience in a way that they can understand, and that captures your practice ethos and core values too.

It is essential that the patient must remains the main focus, whilst also building-in important keywords that can help to improve your position in Google (SEO), where possible.

Suitable Calls to Action (CTA’s) can also be included in the content; these prompt your website Visitors to take action or make contact.

Brochure websites – typically 5-7 pages

Patient-focused websites (practice) – typically 10-15 pages

Patient-focused websites (group) – typically 15-20 pages

Professional web content writing

  • To outline your business goals and objectives
  • To capture any specific requests you have for your site

Create a full Brief for the website developer based on the briefing meeting + online further research, including:

  • Other well-executed medical sites, for ideas
  • Competitor research, to assess competition
  • Details about your brand, ethos, values, target audience, demographics + more
  • Research into the keywords patients may use to search for medical services
  • An understanding of this can help you get noticed on search engines such as Google

Prepare a Site Map (site navigation of pages) based on SEO keyword research & Brief

Creation of page-by-page Content Strategy, based on Site Map and SEO keyword research

Using a professional content writer ensures your web-copy is:

  • Patient focused
  • Easy for the reader to digest
  • Includes suitable Calls to Action (prompts to make contact)
  • Is consistent throughout the site
  • Captures your practice values, ethos and key messages
  • Written with SEO in mind, where possible
  • The Brief, Site Map, Content and SEO Research are implemented by a specialist website developer
  • We aim to complete site within 6 weeks from start date
  • The Web Developer and the Marketing Executive work closely together to ensure the best results
  • Regular reviews take place so the Marketing Executive can provide feedback and comments to ensure the Brief is being met
  • You will also be able to provide feedback at key points throughout the process

Working with our Marketing Executive through the process means that you get the best support and guidance through the process of building your website.

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